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Monday, July 11, 2011

Introducing Rick McCullock

I've known Rick for many years - way back since our shared time at the University of Tasmania in Launceston.  They were heady days indeed.

Back then, Rick was running computer labs, solving all manner of tech problems, and generally being enigmatic.  At the same time, Rick was also undertaking a investigation of the acoustic properties of heritage sites - a form of acoustic conservation - and developing tools for measuring and replicating those properties for use in digital audio workstations as plug-ins. One of the highlights of my time at UTAS was his balloon popping demonstration as he explained the principles of reverberation and sound reflection to a generally unenthused group of fine arts postgraduates and academics.

Rick eventually moved on to the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority in Hobart, Tasmania where he seems to have been wreaking havoc ever since.

Rick joins The Joy of Loss team to lead the iPad Orchestra project.  An experienced app developer, Rick has already brought to bear his expertise on the problem and demonstrated the elegant simplicity of the design and functionality in our meetings late last week.

We're looking forward to sharing the fruits of this development here soon.

The iPad Orchestra is one of the interactive elements of The Joy of Loss, where audiences can produce sound and music in real-time in the immersive space. As a first step into iPad music making in this way, it holds much promise for this - and future - projects.

Very exciting!!

Image supplied by Rick McCullock.

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